Awakening: Discover Your Role in the Gospel (DVD)

Awakening: Discover Your Role in the Gospel (DVD)

What do you think of when you hear the word gospel? Many of us understand that God sent His Son Jesus to live, die, and rise again so that believers can spend eternity with Him in heaven. And that’s true. But what about now? In the chaos of life, we can forget that “eternity with God” is not just a future truth but a current reality that begins on the day of our salvation. Our new life with Christ is happening now.
Awakening: Finding Your Place in the Gospel is a six-week study that shares solid biblical teaching and real-life stories so you can see what life in God’s kingdom looks like today. The gospel message is woven throughout the entire Bible, a precious truth that is so much more than simply a ticket to heaven! It's the active, life-changing, vibrant spirit of God at work in everything we do right here, right now.
Awakening features Bible teachers Joe Stowell, Vivian Mabuni, Sheridan Voysey, and Artie Lindsay who illuminate the deeper truth of what it means to be a part of God’s big story. The DVD also features real stories of believers who are living out the gospel in their everyday lives.
Ideal for churches or small groups that want to unite people in living the gospel, this DVD study will inspire and encourage all those longing to see God’s big story continue in their own lives.
This DVD is one component in a full line of the Gospel Here and Now resources from Our Daily Bread Ministries, designed to help believers live out the Gospel message.
Bible Study Guide, 60 page, included on DVD

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Released: Jun 12, 2018